About Us


Based just outside of Bern, Shava Creation Switzerland was founded by Catherine Vaterlaus and Ravi Shankar over 35 years ago.  Catherine and Ravi have a passion for travel, craft and cultures and have worked in the travel industry for decades. Their travels have taken them all over the world from Asia to South Americas, from the middle East to North Americas. With friends all over the world they continue to soak in all the culture, craft and traditions and interpret this for their unique collections.

During their travels they seek out textiles, patterns, crafts and weaving heritages from around the world. And with their passion for fine fabrics and textiles - cashmere and silk in particular - they work with craftsmen, producers & manufacturers of cashmere and silk textiles from around the world.

With Shava Creation Switzerland, their vision is to focus on the finest of unique cashmere and silk textiles. To develop cashmere and silk products for the Swiss and European markets by working with craftsmen from around the world.  Their passion today after 35 years remains the same as when they founded Shava Creation Switzerland and they have created a unique name for themselves in the world of exquisite cashmere and silk shawls.