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Shava Empire

100% Handwoven fine cashmere shawls from the Shava Empire collection. This collection... 


Classic leather ballerinas, janes and golfers in colors of the season. 

Shava Creation Switzerland

  • What is Cashmere

    Did you know that your cashmere shawl or knitwear started its journey on a goat? And that the word cashmere is the old spelling of Kashmir in India.

    But the cashmere goat is not a specific breed.  Any goat that can produce significant amount of high quality soft fiber undercoat is a cashmere goat.  Fine quality cashmere wool today is produced from many breeds of goats in countries like China, Mongolia, India, New Zealand and Australia.

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  • What is Pashmina

    Pashmina in persian means “made from wool” and these were first woven in Kashmir in India.  Pashmina is a fine type of wool from Kashmir that specifically comes from the pashmina goat - the “Changthangi” is one such breed that inhabits Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, and in adjoining Nepal and Tibet. Their ultra-fine wool is woven into fine pashmina that is so coveted around the world.

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  • Shava Uniques

    All our Shava Uniques are single pieces and we create only one of each to give you the pleasure of true exclusivity.

    For each of our uniques we select authentic raw cashmere wool which is then handspun to the specified fineness. The creative process involves conceptualisation, sampling, and finalization of design, weaving structure and weight.

    Our yarns are hand dyed and fixed into myriad of colors after which on a handloom weaving table specially prepared for this unique piece the shawl is woven. While most shawls are completed within a few weeks we also have shawls that require months of work.

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